What We Have Done So Far

As soon as we decided on the topic for our project, we interviewed someone to further research our ideas. We skyped with Julius Kramer who works for the Swedish Government, guiding them on how best to work on the SDGs. Julius has also attended some meetings at the United Nations in New York. The interview gave us great insights which set us on the right track for our project. Julius told us to advocate for the Global Goals and try to influence people in our wider community.

So we divided ourselves up into teams,

PowerPoint Group – The power point group are focusing on the teaching aspect of the project.  They will be teaching the younger people of our school on worldwide problem.


Social Media Group – That’s us! We use twitter and our blog to spread the word and advertise this project.


Newspaper Group – The newspaper group have successfully written a feature for the evening echo that is ready to go!


E-mail Group – The email group have reached out to a school Ghana and now we are  learning more about life in Ghana and how they are contributing to the Global Goals project.


Poster Team – the poster team are a team of creative minds who have put together a couple of brilliant, eye catching posters to place around our community and further spread the word!


Other activities in Community – Ballinora Tidy Towns is a group of people who work to keep our parish clean! On Good Friday the hosted their annual tidy town clean up lots of progress was made and the parish seems positively cleaner.

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Under the Sea

You don’t just hear about Pollution on blogs, twitter accounts and posters. If you dig deep enough you will find it in new places. For example, Disney movies!! And that’s exactly what we did.

“All drains lead to the ocean”
– Nemo

All sorts of pollution end up in our oceans including anything from, a plastic bag to trolley. Ask yourself, is that right?Image result for scuttle the little mermaid

The little mermaid   Ariel uses her creative mind to find a use for every little piece of junk she comes across in her ocean and stores it all in a cave therefore she is cleaning up the ocean. If she can do it you can do it.

This is our generation this is our difference.

SpongeBob Even SpongeBob is leading by example. In the fictional undersea town bikini bottom, littering is highly prohibited and previous episodes have shown some of the sea life being arrested for this growing crime those include SpongeBob’s cousin, Mrs Puff, Patrick and Squidward even managed to get a ticket for it!

Image result for Spongebob pollution

Happy feet This movie not only shows examples of over fishing it also shows that these animals aren’t aware how damaging the rubbish is until they encounter it themselves. Take the poor penguin in happy feet for example. He mistakes a six pack beer ring for a piece of clothing, but those feelings don’t last long because his “cool new piece of clothing” begins to choke him.

Image result for happy feet plastic around neck

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Our world Irish Aid Awards

Irish Aid work with the government to help countries overseas fight poverty.  There are 8 key partnership countries most of which are located in Africa and Asia. In those 8 countries Irish Aid works closely with their governments to help install schools,hospitals,and educate people on the basic principals of farming and growing crops.

The 8 key countries 






Sierra Leone




Each year Irish Aid organise a competition to help children in Ireland learn about current Global issues.  The theme of this years awards is “Transforming our world” and we are focusing on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals laid out by the UN in 2013 and the hope is these will be achieved by 2030.  They deal with global issues such as poverty, inequality, good health and climate change. For the first time in Ballinora NS we have entered the competition and have been learning more and more about today’s global issues.

We wanted to chose something that would help us to make a change in our small part of the world that had the potential to help many other parts of the world.  We decided to focus on Goal 14 ‘Life Below Water.’  We want to teach the other pupils in our school about the importance of refusing the straw, encouraging our parents to carry a Keep Cup and educate everyone and the correct products to be recycled.

Even if we don’t win the award we will be happy knowing that we have done our bit to make a difference.

Help us!  This is our generation and we want to make a difference!


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# refusethestraw

Some of our recent research led to us finding out about the ‘Refuse the straw’ campaign. Straws, a simple product, used globally.  Do you know the extent of the harm a small thing like a straw can do?

  •  Each day in the U.S, up to 550 million straws are thrown out! Most of which end up in the ocean and are found washed ashore.straws
  • It takes 200 hundred years for the toxic particles  in straws to break down.


straw fact

Next time you eat out, or simply wish to use a straw,maybe try a reusable straw .This turtle would of thanked you for it….turtle with straw stuck up nose

Image result for turtle with straw in nose recovery
(click link above to watch video)

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Why We Want to Make a Difference

We want to make a difference simply because this is our world and we want to make it better.

Do you think it is fair that 100 million sea animals die every year, because of your rubbish? Or t hat around 8 million tons reach our oceans each year. That is the same as 60 million elephants. It needs to stop!

Here are photos of rubbish we came across on a walk along a nearby beach.  This will eventually end up in our oceans and seas and travel across the world, potentially harming many marine animals.  We can stop this!




The next time you are on a beach or near a river pick up 3 pieces of rubbish and dispose of them in the correct bins.  Simple!

As Dr Martin Luther King once said,

“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.” 

We can do this! Continue reading “Why We Want to Make a Difference”

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Our Generation, Our Difference

Have you ever wondered how you can transform our world?                                                 How YOU can make a difference?

The United Nations also asked this. In 2015 they came together and created 17 SGG’s [Sustainable Global Goals].


This year the Irish aid are holding a competition to get as many people involved as possible and have chosen the theme – ‘Transforming Our World.’

We, the 6th class pupils of Ballinora N.S, have decided to take part and are focusing on goals 13 & 14 – ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Life Below Water’. On this blog we will be keeping you updated on our daily progress, sharing easy ways you can help and interesting facts. Why not follow us on Twitter also @Bns_rang6!